Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I don't know that I have ever been so frustrated with my place of work. I dread going there. Most days I cry on the drive out there simply because I'm going there. It's awful. I'm pretty sure no one should feel that way.  Most days I also feel like I'm the only one doing anything. I'm trying to do 5 things at once while Dick stands over there talking about stupid shit, and Dick2 stands over here talking about other stupid shit. Or hey, let's just look at my line of 4 customers and run the other way. AND Heaven fucking forbid you ask one of them to help you with your line...that would imply that they have to fucking do something. But when I'm not the one with the line, let's rush over to help whomever is standing at the register. Yeah, that's awesome.

I also wish I didn't despise the voices of half the people I work with. Just hearing Dick's voice over the intercom is enough to send me straight into the depths of suicidal depression. I just want to quit. Or have them quit. Because either one might solve part of the problem. Not hearing some peoples' "I'm so awesome" attitudes in their voices would make my day run so much more smoothly. It might also make me less likely to drive my car into a tree just to get out of one five-hour shift of working with them.

I need a vacation. From life.