Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dream For Rae (she is 'you')

had a dream that there was one of those shindigs at grandma's so my dad and i went over in the same car and it turned into a camping deal. So i went inside while everyone else was in the garage and tried to sleep in that one room where your dad stayed. and someone raped me. and then the next morning i kept trying to get dressed and grandma would nto fucking leave me alone to put my clothes on and she was obsessed with how pretty my bra was. I finally got dressed and went out to be with everyone else and you were like "You're not the first person to get raped here." I was like "Um, I don't know what you're talking about..." And and bonnie knew "the face of a raped girl" but no one else was paying attention.

So then I go home and my car windows are down and one of the doors is open. And its pouring. And i'm like "WHAT THE HELL DAD? Did we get robbed?" "Oh probably just got so hot in there that the doors burst open." I walked up to the door and the window had been smashed in and all the stuff from my backseat was gone and I tried to open the trunk but the button had been removed from my fob. Then we went inside and all my dad's printers and computers and phones were gone. Went into my room and all my computer stuff was gone. On the table where my dad's computer was, was a composite sketch of some guy named Randall and a police report from a witness.