Thursday, January 26, 2012

And How's Your Week Going?

Let's discuss shitweek.

  • Sunday - Wonderful, all that exciting horseshit. Love, sex, snacks...
  • Monday - Turns out those snacks were poisoned (or spoiled and then poisoned me); had to call off for the first time ever because I just lie in bed writhing in pain until 9pm when I tried to eat a small piece of chicken...
  • Tuesday - woke myself up from nightmares, still not ok to eat meat but forced myself through a 6 inch Subway heaven sandwich, went to work...Subway = awful idea
  • Wednesday - go to work, doing fine...doing fine...suddenly become very pale, dizzy...blurred vision, loss of hearing, almost passed out in the bathroom; my arms and legs started trembling but I couldn't bring myself to puke because our bathrooms are too gross to throw up in (yes...too gross for vomit), so I crawled to tell a manager, then curled into a chair in the break room and cried for about 15 minutes; manager bought me some animal crackers and a hour and a half later, I was able to stand up. continued working. went to mom's for taco night. ate one taco, got sick again. came home...sleep = nightmares
  • Thursday - woke up from nightmares (see Wednesday) at 4:26. Then woke up again at 5:30 when phone fell off its stand and turned on the electric blanket which then started to cook me...but as of 9:04 am, I have not gotten sick. Knock wood.


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