Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weird Things That Irritate Me

Or as I like to call them "Pains in my ass"

1. That defectively folded tissue on the top of the box that won't come out until you fucking rip it into little pieces.

2. Coworkers who think they are "doing me a solid" by doing something, but really, they are just FUCKING WITH THINGS that I had organized into a specific way so I can deal with them in a timely manner the next day.

3. Blackberry. The phone not fruit. There is this GD registration message that I get no less than 20 times a day. And every forum I read about it, says that it's just because Blackberries are awful and there is nothing you can do about it. ANNNND I happen to agree. Ever since the upgrade to OS 6, my phone works worse than before (if you can believe it...). The only way to get the notification envelope symbol thing off your phone is to read EACH AND EVERY ONE individually.

4. The band-aids in the First Aid kit at work are all one string, that you have to rip apart if you want one. Here's the thing. If I am bleeding profusely from my finger (just an no way am I referencing my Tuesday night) and trying to hold a tissue around it so I don't drip onto every surface, how do they expect me to get one apart? Here, I'll tell you. You grab one and flail until it rips apart.

5. People who brag about having their Christmas shopping done. BTW, in case you didn't know. It's September fucking 24th...(coughmomcough)

6. MRIs. And then having to work afterwards.

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