Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28: State of Life

Wow, it's been 14 days since I last posted. I feel like I am letting people down. I know I'm not, but. Anyway.

  • I was complimented at work by a customer because of how helpful I was. This has hardly ever been the case...I'm usually not helpful. Especially when most of the people I have to help are seemingly on the verge of complete idiocy. But this guy complimented me on the phone, and then later when he came in. And then he told my boss how great I am. It was just all-around uplifting. Especially since I am overwhelmed with shit to do there, and I am in a personal life state of "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE," thus I could care less if people get the right labels or pen.
  • I would really appreciate it if people learned the difference between "envelope" and "folder" because they are, in fact, different things. And I cannot read your mind when you say "I need a manilla folder" and I take you do the folders and you say, "NO! The ones you mail!" angrily at me. Because those are called envelopes. Rocket Science.
  • How is June over in like 3 days? Like, seriously it was JUST March. And now it's July...the year is half over, and I feel like time is moving way too quickly. I have done nothing that I wanted to do this year. I don't know that I have a list, but hypothetically I would have done something with my life this year.
  • Guilty pleasure admittance time: Taylor Swift. I just downloaded her entire discography. I don't force this onto other people, and seriously only listen to it when I'm alone. But seriously, I blame work for this. Because she plays ALL THE TIME. Like, every 3rd or 4th song is TSwift. I actually got caught by some customers bobbing my head to one of them. And it's not even one of my favorites. I hate most of the music that plays on the radio these days, so I find it strange, that not only do I know ALL OF THEM, but I also sometimes find one that I like.
  • It's almost time for a new novel. I don't know what in God's name I will write about. Because both my other novels are the same. (Pause: I lost the flash drive with my Word files...sad. Unpause. Or, Play, I guess). Same in the sense that I project all over the main character and make a secondary main character be the person I have always wanted in my life. I should write one about the place I work. Under a pseudonym, obvi.
  • Odd honesty moment time: When something happened to a friend of mine, I kind of broke down in the car one day and like...prayed. I don't do this often, because of my past and other personal reasons which would take up way too much space on the internet. But I don't know if it worked, cause I'm still hazy on the whole God thing (please, seriously don't try to sway me one way or the other...that would be part of the past/personal reasons...) or if things just got better because that's how life works. And things keep happening to this friend, and I keep doing it.
In summary, life is a mystery. I would like to figure it out, but then what would be the point anymore?

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