Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jesus Christ, calm the fuck down. Apparently I can't even blow off steam on my blog anymore. Especially when this is the only way that I can actually say something, when every time I do it in real life, I get ignored.

I can't even use the term "you" anymore when I don't know who did it, because apparently people take offense to that.

I don't. Fucking. Care. Anymore.

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rae333 said...

1. I am so sick of people who arent fat who make a spectacle of counting calories so people think "at least shes trying." Go gorge on another bowl of self loathing and shut up. No one cares if you are on a diet, if you ate too much, if you need to now eat nothing because you ate to my fist in your fat face.
Its getting old, in fact it was old before you even started doing it. Everyone diets, its not amazing that you are too.

2. Get over yourself. You work at staples. Do your job. Hang fucking pens in the right spot, come in to work, do what you are told because what you dont do..someone else has to. Stop being lazy, stop bitching about everything, stop acting like what happens at staples dictates what your friendship will be like out of work. work is work and home is home..this is how the world operates. If you can't separate that, or you are so self-important that you think every stupid blog post is about you than you are immature. Im so tired of hearing about all the petty bullshit.
Grow up.