Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Rambling In April

My head has been throbbing since 8 is now noon thirty. I keep falling back asleep and hoping that the next time I wake up, it won't hurt anymore. Four times luck. I'm probably dehydrated on top of everything else that is wrong with me. I feel like I have a fever but I don't want to get out of bed to get my thermometer.

I had strange dreams last night. I had to walk from work to my elementary school while pushing two shopping carts because my car was in another town and they needed their stuff for the opening football game (in the carts). On the way there, Dawn called me to tell me that a doctor came in to work and told them that I had helped with a desk and he didn't want to work with anyone else but me. There was more but it only makes sense if you work with me...involving pallet jacks & Kathy.

In another dream, Christopher was trying to bring me back from a Pittsburgh visit. The world started flooding and we couldn't figure out how to get to my house without having to drive through mass amounts of water.

Another dream: All I remember is that Dawn & I were doing something together. And I felt uncomfortable. Which pretty much sums up everything in my waking life with her. Which doesn't make any sense.

Last night at the bar, someone asked if I was a lesbian while I was blatantly hitting on two men. And it's all because I said something, which could be construed as a sexual comment. "Don't make me undo your pants." Which, granted, out of context does sound like I'm going to take off her pants and ravage her or something. However, I had sewn someone's pants earlier that day and I was threatening to undo it. I'm not a lesbian and have nothing against them, but seriously...I get asked this way too often and it pisses me off.

Got my nails done and my fingers hurt a little bit. I want to ask them to trim them, but I think I'm afraid to go back. I might get too interested in The Young & The Restless again. I need to know if the baby really was sold. (Dude, it totally was sold to one of the cops investigating the disappearance of the baby's mother.)

Considered doing laundry, but as we have no dryer and it has been raining for 100 days, I wouldn't have anywhere to hang them up to dry. So I'll be doing that during Nascar Sunday like I used to.

I have a ridiculous urge to go through my room and throw everything away. It kinda scares me, but I also want to just simplify everything. I might do that if this headache ever dissipates. Because really, getting out of bed right now makes me feel more physically ill than I already feel.

How sad is it, that I saw the date and tried to figure out what was happening on that date...and then I realized that it was because I was checking for expired tags at work and most of them expire today?
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