Monday, April 11, 2011


I always felt like one exclamation point didn't get my point across, two looked like a typo, but three was the perfect amount to express my happiness.

Anyway, totally decided that I didn't want to blow off my plans for this last weekend because even though I knew something would go (horribly) wrong, there had to be some speck of fun. And I was right on both accounts. (See, that wasn't pessimism...just me being real.)

Aside from the roughly 85 degree weather, and the roughly 100 degrees in the audience and getting hit in the head by a shoe when the c-word next to me threw it, it was pretty fun. And my camera has amazing zooming abilities. For awhile, I had the perfect view of her, but there were some tall guys in front of us that kept moving.

It was a pretty short show, but we didn't expect it to be too long or amazing, considering it was free. But hey, she sang Blow, and that's really all I needed to hear to make my life complete. At some points it seemed like we were watching Ke$ha Porn: The Musical, simply because the crotch shots were getting a little much.
Anyway, it was fun, and my breasts are only slightly sunburnt. End of review.

The part where shit went (horribly) wrong will be left out intentionally. Sorry, it just doesn't involve me, really, so not going on my blog.

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