Friday, March 11, 2011

Remember that time I had to make a list of all the shit that was wrong in my life, stressing me to no end? It was last month, granted, but I keep thinking about it.

I'll start with #11: I have so many medical issues that I can't afford to take care of.

*I have this strange little lump on my leg that I have had for quite some time now, and until recently it was completely fine and unobtrusive in my life. The other day, it was itching quite annoyingly, so I itched it. It started bleeding. A lot. Like, four tissues worth of blood poured out of my leg. Since then, I have had to keep it covered with a band-aid, and this keeps catching on my pants. It then peels off the layer of clotting and then it bleeds some more. It's purple and gross and itchy and I think it may be some sort of blood clot or tumor.
*I have a strange skin rash on my chest and no matter how many times I get it to go away, it comes back. It itches and is very red and very bothersome.
*Sometimes I have my period twice a month. Sometimes it skips 2 or 3...I don't think this needs anymore explanation.
*I am so incredibly depressed and everyone keeps making jokes about it when I mention it. I don't know how to make people understand that I'm not joking. Ugh.

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