Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Nightmare

I just woke up, breathing heavily, because I had ANOTHER nightmare this week.

I had moved into a house with Mandy and some kitties and we were about to take a little nap upstairs in the bed together, when I heard the mailman. So I went downstairs to get it, and while the door was open, I could hear the neighbor beating his wife. He came out of the house and we made eye contact so I panicked and quickly shut the door. I locked it, the screen door, and then the door to get up the stairs. I ran back upstairs and told Mandy, but she was almost asleep and sort of ignored me.

The TV was on in the background and it was some show about a family of fishermen, who were expecting a new baby and the other kids were all on edge. The doorbell rang once, and I told her to ignore it because it was probably the wife beater. Anyway, I finally fell asleep but I was awakened by a strange noise. I tried to wake Mandy, but she didn't hear it, so we both went back to sleep. And the kitties were just hanging out, sleeping with us on the bed. And then I heard a creak, woke up, and the wife beater was standing over me with a knife. And before I could scream, he slammed the knife down into me. That's when I woke up.

I remember that our house was a minty green. Very distinctly. And he was wearing a leather jacket and had red hair.

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