Thursday, February 10, 2011

Multicolored Popcorn

Dreaming this morning that I was at Melissa's house with at least her, Mike from work, and Nikki (her sister). We were being really loud and I knew her mom was going to come yell at us, so I slipped into the bed to make it look like I was sleeping. Melissa decided to pour a giant bowl of popcorn onto my breasts because of their shelf-like qualities. I began to eat. Her mom came in twice in this time to tell us to be quiet. On the second time, Melissa gave her a little bowl of purple popcorn and as her mother was chewing she made a strange face. The face you make when something is sour.

Her mom left and I asked what that was about. Melissa told me that once you get past the white, normal popcorn, you get to the flavored popcorns. And no, not caramel or cheese. But fruits. The purple one was sour grape, the green ones were apple, and the pink ones were strawberry. I made it through the purple & green, and I think one more color (but I have no idea what it was, maybe yellow/lemon?) when there is a commotion in the other room. So I leave Melissa's room, with pink popcorn in hand, and go out to the rest of the house, where a massive frat-party-in-the-movies is going on. You know the kind: people making out on staircases, red cups of beer everywhere, people having sex on tables, everyone dancing/grinding on every surface to really awful music in the almost pitch black....Anyway, someone bumps me and I'm automatically in Melissa's bedroom again only sans popcorn.

I get upset, start being loud. Her mom is like "Ok, really. This is your last warning." And then I woke up.

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