Friday, February 18, 2011

Insert Something Witty and/or Clever Here

Is this week from hell over yet? Roughly 6 hours...

I didn't know it was possible to feel so much like shit so early in the day. And on such a nice day out. And by nice, I mean it's not snowing and isn't scheduled to. And there's hope for me to see my wonderful K again this weekend. Small hope, but hope nonetheless.

That is a strange word 'nonetheless.' It takes compound words to a whole new level. The double compound. Mightaswell just start doing it with other commonly used together words.

I forgot that 8:10 existed in the world. Because it was 8:05 and I thought, the next time my 5-minute snooze alarm goes off will be 8:15 and then I really have to wake up because I have to leave at 8:20 for work. And then at 8:09 when my bladder got the best of me, I remembered that I had more time. I'm that tired and awful-feeling. I forgot how time worked.

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