Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Updates

It's been a week. I feel like there should be some sort of update. And looking back through my January posts, I see that I actually have some.

1. I am Associate of the Month at work. I get to wear a fancy pin and everyday I pass a certificate with my name spelled incorrectly posted outside the break room.

2. I finished editing my novel. It has been "published" and shipped out to me for review. I'm pumped to receive it. It should be today.

3. It's my day off and I was going to clean. But turns out, I have to go into work to buy the things to assist in my cleaning. This makes me kind of want to die. I COULD wait to buy the stuff until tomorrow, but I need some clear storage boxes and sheet protectors to clean. So today would be a waste of time if I don't go get the stuff.

4. I have a tumblr. I don't think anyone reads it except like, 3 people, if that. But here ya go.

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