Monday, January 31, 2011

Giraffes & Ginny: A Night of Dreams

Had a dream last night that I was in Staples, on break, trying to shop for me. Then I had to find a computer program for some customer, but I was on break, so I was taking my sweet time. And I ran into Ginny. And we were just kind of like, "Hey" "Hey" and then i tried to run away. But then I ran into her again and she was like "I'm buying Jaws because of you. I love it." She also had a bunch of DVDs. She talked about Tim a lot and how she wants to schedule another appointment with me but there was something about the government. Regardless, we talked awhile and then I found that program for the customers and life went on.

I also had a dream, that Melissa & I were driving back from Erie and there was a giraffe walking down the street and I yelled, "A FUCKING GIRAFFE ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO THIS IS TOO FUCKING AWESOME!" It was just walking down Peach Street. And then there was a roadblock up ahead and we had to drive past the zoo in some back-ass way to get to Meadville and there were giant puddle and we go to the giraffe pen and there are two people jumping off the rocks into a pond. One is Daniel from work, and he's like "no, it's totally fun." We're about to join in when the giraffes get escorted back to the zoo. There are two adults and two babies, and I'm about dumbstruck as they walk past me. I just reach out and pet them all and one of the babies snuggles it's head up to me. It was sort of like we were best friends and he kept following me around, letting me feed it, play with it and everything. The zoo people were like "Ok, it's time to leave!" and teh giraffe wouldnt' let me leave. And I cried because I loved it.

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