Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey 2010...Go Away

Things I intend(ed) to do today:
  • empty my garbage can
  • clean off my desk
  • put away laundry that was washed on Dec. 19th
  • make room for a bookshelf to aid in cleaning my desk
  • watch Slumdog Millionaire OR one of the 8 new DVDs I have
Things I have done so far:
  • slept until 11
  • washed a dish
  • removed all the farmville posts from my feed on facebook back to Nov. 29th
  • sent a friend a message on facebook
  • nearly threw up
  • self-pleasuring (hey, why lie at this point?)
  • looked at the garbage & wished for magical powers
It is SOOOO time for 2010 to go away. It was my "I don't really care if I accomplish anything year." I'm ready for my "Let's accomplish everything we want year!"

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