Friday, October 15, 2010


Perhaps you remember the dramz from K's life as outlined here: Number 3. And perhaps you don't. Either way. I think I believe in God again. It's like...the happiest day of my life (sort of) because I saw on the front page of the paper that the aforementioned fugitive has been arrested. And HOLYWOW! this might mean that I get my friend, lover, happy K, did I mention lover?, back. news in a long time. Well, I guess a week, since my cousin won homecoming queen and she is one of the few family members I still have respect for (but that is a topic of another long and rambling post).

The only panic session I'm having about this, is that I did know where he was, and there was an anonymous tip about where he was. And I fear that I will get the blame placed on me. And while it crossed my mind countless times, I know that I would freak out from guilt and tell K that it was me and then he would hate me. It wasn't me. I couldn't do that. I would never do that. But holy cow, this is hopefully the best thing that could've happened. Forgive me, dear readers, but I may have sex again. And that is exciting.

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