Monday, October 11, 2010

I do think that there is nothing more depressing than the final episode of The Golden Girls.

There is just something so touching about seeing people that love each other and such good friends having to part. Even though, it is a happy thing. One is getting married, something she would've never thought would happen...especially at the point in her life that she's at. One realizes that her real family is right where she's been.

I fall apart every time I see it. I cry when I hear him propose the second time - for real.
I cry when Sophia is sad at losing her daughter - even though I never figured out why she acts like they will never see each other again...It's her daughter. They both have phones. Also, it's Blanche's uncle...She wont' ever see her uncle again? I cry when Rose realizes that she needs to stay with them instead of living with her daughter. But mostly I cry when I hear Dorothy thank them and call them angels. Ugh, there is like, nothing I want more out of life than their friendship.

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