Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Points That May Be Of Interest

* Molly is visiting. So far it consisted of eating Perkins food, that made me sick, me going in for a 9 hour shift while she drove around and shopped for stuff in Erie at the mall, and then eating Burger King - which also made me sick.

* That actually made a good transition into: I'm pretty sure I have IBS. Or food poisoning that just. will. not. quit.

* It is FUCKING raining. Yesterday, was 80+ degrees, sunny, know, the perfect day. And today is our zoo day. Yes, the day with scattered thunderstorms all effing afternoon. Too bad, when she wakes up, we are going to Erie and it will be fun. I don't care how wet I get (lol, that's what she said) and then I will go hot-tubbing and get my window fixed. Since it is currently raining into my car. Dear K, please fix my car today. Love S.

* I won safety bingo at work. Seventy. Five. Dollar. Bonus. I am so happy.

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