Friday, September 03, 2010


Dream One:
I was wearing a tank top and a really long strand of Mardi Gras type beads. I mean, really long, like wrapped around my neck 25 times, draped around my shoulders and stuff like that. They were really jingly. Mostly purple, blue & green. I was in the bathroom looking in the regular mirror and then I started doing ballet and twirling everywhere and I twirled over to the shower. Looked in the mirror in the shower, and saw that I was wearing a white mask that only my eyes showed through. And I thought "Oh, so now no one can see my emotions."

Dream Two:
Something about my dad and I needing to pick up a pizza for my family, and there being a really long wait. And then I was in a scene from the tv show Huge. And I don't even know. But it was weird.

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