Sunday, September 19, 2010

And This Week's Theme Is:


1. I had that surgery on Wednesday.

2. On Thursday (I think?), my computer stopped charging my battery. I had absolutely no contact with the outside world...what the hell? Well, I had to go drop $500 for a new computer, because it was basically the same price to fix the old one. For the third time....not gonna happen, Dell. Sorr about the bag, Dell. Not happening. (seventh bullet point) But, anyway. That happened.

3. You would not even believe what happened with K, even if you had witnessed it. I mean, I did not, but holy shit. I'm going to even go one step further: HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I can't divulge details, because that may be illegal, I'm not sure. He didn't do anything illegal...but I will try to sum it up in 5 words or less: fugitive, dog, abandoned, children, wife. In no particular order. Yeah, needless to say, I now know why he didn't answer my phone call or call me back. I now know more about why I will never get married. And I now know more about what makes a good parent. (Versus a completely shitty one.)

4. Speaking of fugitives and abandonment. Apparently someone else from the messed up family that my mother so lovingly brought me into has left the building. So, that's...that.

5. The neighbor took his cows to butcher. This makes me sad, because all that is left is the tiny calf that never comes over to the fence and licks me. The big ones did. I hope they get more before they move. There is also a horse, but it is not as friendly (or stupid?) as the cows were.

The good news, however, is that I have a webcam now. This could also be bad news for my facebook friends, as I have taken a shitton of photos.

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