Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Then I Caught A Cold

Guess who bought new underwear today?!?!?! The answer is, of course, ME!
I got five new pairs, including one pair of purple ones for K. (We have the same favorite color. = soul mates.) They are a weird texture, but weird in a good way. I am actually excited about this $14 investment.

Throwing a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. People best show up, because I have spent $24. And that is before most food, candy, costume, and drinks. Mostly I've been buying random shit from the dollar store to decorate. Good thing I am co-hosting with Mandy.

I hate when I run into someone and know that I know them, but can not for the life of me remember who or how. For example, during the fair, someone pointed out someone's wife. And I was like "Oh, I know her. But who is she?" This was in August. Just now, my dad said something about how he was playing around on Facebook and he found her husband. And it obviously had her on there, but obviously without her maiden name. And we scrolled through their friend lists, and I realized I know a lot of the same people as them. AND THEN! I busted out my 2003 yearbook, and found her. All is right with the world. We were in French Club together for probably all three years we were in high school together and...she was one of the hot, pretty, skinny, blond girls. And she landed herself a successful and attractive guy...

And then I got a cold. Sometime around 11 am. While at work. Hence, I stood there blowing my nose from 11-4, trying to avoid looks from customers, rubbing Purell all over my hands & arms. And then my boss told us she thinks she has Hookworm. Don't click that link if you have a weak stomach. You have been warned.

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who was the girl??