Wednesday, August 11, 2010


To add to the list of Things Stef Hates More Than You Can Imagine...

People who open their cell phones and then proceed to listen to every ringtone. Over. And. Over. For absolutely no reason.

And now to change the subject slightly. These don't piss me off like the list of things I hate; they simply upset me and/or make no sense.

1. Book sox. No, not them in general. But did you know they cost anywhere from 3.99 to 6.99 (at least at my store)? And did you know that they have the stupidest designs on them? ie. Steelers, Cleveland sports, 3D swirls, etc. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, did you know, that some schools require these...AS PART OF A GRADE. Yes, that's right. Having these expensive book covers instead of the old school paper bags from the grocery store that worked for, oh, YEARS, is becoming part of your child's grade. Now, where I come from, grades are based on performance, intelligence, effort...and not how much money you spend on book covers.

2. My name is spelled: Stefanie. Write that down, memorize it, recite it as your meditation mantra, get it tattooed. I don't care. If I have known you for more than 1 month, and/or you have written my name down at any time, then you should just know this. Five months into a relationship where you write my name down 4 times a week, copying it from another piece of paper, you should know that it is spelled with an "f." And you people who eff this up do realize that I am not the only person that spells it this way right? My god, you people can't spell most other words correctly, but when it comes to spelling something phonetically, then you can't do it. Say it with me, "Stef with an f."

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