Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August Sucks (pt 1)

Reasons Why Stef Doesn't Have Serious Conversations (Or At Least Why She Tries to Avoid Them):

Now, there are several different kinds of serious conversations. And my reaction/feelings about them vary depending on which kind it is. I'm confusing you, but bear with me.

1. I cry. I cry when I am frustrated or upset. Sometimes I cry when nothing has happened.

This includes: convos about my past, my future, my family in Germany, sometimes my family in the US, friendships that have ended, some friendships I have now.

2. I get other kinds of depressed. And then I spend a week freaking out about whatever the conversation was about. Including but not limited to: isolation, insomnia, excess sleeping, physical pain, moving, making odd decisions, tattooing, and spending too much money.

This includes: my life plan, talks of religion (afterlife & such included)

3. I re-evaluate my entire life.

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