Monday, July 19, 2010

well shit.

It's not even August and I already feel abandoned. This is why I stop talking to people. Why I stop writing on their facebooks, texting, etc. Because if I'm the one that stops communication then I'm not the one who was left...I'm the leaver. And I'd rather be the bitch who stopped talking to you than the one you wanted to stop talking to.

Also, I might be fired tomorrow because my fingers are stained green and yellow from tie-dying yesterday. Oh well. I can never tell if I should give two weeks notice or just keep working until things get way too out of hand and I end up exploding, having a break-down (Days Inn style) or throwing something, calling the boss the c-word and walking out. I have never done that last one...and I don't really intend to throw something, because let's face it...things sold at Staples are heavy and I don't need a lawsuit on top of all the bs that is going on in my life right now.

I applied at Home Depot & Radio Shack today...I tried the movie theater but they are not hiring. I guess I'll just add those to the list of places that don't want me. The list is getting quite long.

Oh, I should retro-actively explain why I might be fired/throw something/drop the c-bomb.
Are you sitting down? I didn't iron my shirt before work. What? I know. Who does? Well, after a quick survey of employees, no one. Also, there was ink on my shirt. Let me tell you something about the life of a cashier at Das Staples: at the end of the night, you sort ink and toner. Sometimes this ink gets on you.
I don't have a washer & dryer at home. I don't have more than one shirt (well, I do, but the other shirt is stained worst than this one. AND I have now told all THREE managers that I only have one shirt...yeah, you see how that panned out. Ain't got shit from them). I'm not going to buy an iron & ironing board for a job that I actually have no desire to be at anymore. And even if my c-boss finds my blog and fires me 2birds1blog style, then maybe I will be less suicidal. At the very least, I will no longer have to see that bitch's face again because she lives in a town 45 miles from me.


Amelia said...

I didn't wanna stop talking to you, but you stopped talking to me. :((

yellowpansy15 said...

Yeah. I know, I'm awful at communication. Sorry.