Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One time...

...I was driving up a hill towards a stop sign, and I hit my brakes. And they did not work, so I had a panic attack and let go of the wheel, but continued to slam on the brakes repeatedly until they worked. This caused me to swerve recklessly towards a large pick-up truck who didn't actually slow down or stop or anything, just watched me coming at him clearly out of control.

That sounds symbolic of my life, however, that was not just there for dramatic effect. I really did almost die today.

Sigh, I reveal one detail about K and the judging has begun. And it's the "Oh." type of judging. You know what I mean. Where they don't even comment audibly; they just look at you and you can tell they are thinking, "What is wrong with her?"

I sort of want there to be a thunderstorm. I think well during them. I am honestly thinking about going and sitting somewhere and hoping it rains on me. Or lightning strikes me. Either way, it would be a good ending to today.

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