Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Oppossum Goes A Long Way

You're right. It is now past Thursday and I am still employed by Staples. I like how I just blatantly pour out information that could potentially have me fired and I care about as much as I care about the main export of Trier, Germany. Meh. (Random interjection: There is a cricket on the floor of my bathroom, and at first I thought it was dead. But I reached down to touch it and it skittered away. And yes, I am blogging from the bathroom...but only cause it's the only room with a window and my house is hottttt.) Anywho, got my paycheck from job zwei. I don't think I ever mentioned what job two is, simply because I didn't realize it would be more than a two-day thing. Not that making an extra 100/week doing laundry is a bad thing...But really, I guess I'm considered a Personal Care Assistant and I can blog about whatever the hell I want with that job because what is my aunt gonna do? Fire me because I swear or because I'm dating a 41-year old or because I have an unhealthy obsession with Reba McEntire? I think not. Regardless of my ranting about hating my jobs...Basically I help my aunt (who has muscular dystrophy) with certain things like going to the bathroom, laundry, some dishes, vacuuming, etc, when her regular PCA is not able to make it in. And! Just looked at my paystub from said job, and realized I am making 15 cents more than I thought I would make. Which is 1.15 more than my job at Staples...Cause I'm a dumbass and couldn't figure out that $99/11 hours is not 8.85/hr. Wow.

Things I should be doing other than blogging:
Getting drunk (although I should always be doing that...)
Cleaning my room (no seriously...if you could see it)
Updating my calendar which hasn't been crossed off in July
Planning my vacation to The Outer Banks
Emailing my professors with an update on my life since I promised I would
Pretending that I didn't watch an "I didn't know I was pregnant" marathon...
Gathering laundry so that after my odd shift I can wash it at my mom's
(Random interjection 2: I just spent a good 15 minutes on some website reading articles that Melissa linked me to about bad advice from Cosmo/Men's Health. Things they suggest you do during sex that are awful.)
Reading my 1,004,425,243 books
Making a packing list for my Outer Banks trip
Wondering why the tag "insects" existed prior to this post


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Maddinski said...

I want to know the awful things they tell men to do during sex!