Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Pray For Snow (My Now Playing is Wishful Thinking)

If this east coast heat wave doesn't break soon, I might. Good God it is hot. It's supposed to hit 89 today. And this is after three other days of 90+ temperatures. Tuesday it was 103 at one point. Now normally, this town reaches 90 once and then we move on. Yeah, no such thing as global warming...It hasn't rained in 9 days (according to the radio weather announcer...).

I had to take a shower today because walking to the bathroom from my bedroom to pee made me so incredibly sweaty, that my pants were stuck to me. I'm debating going to the pool at my mom's, but that would involve walking to my car, sitting in said heat-box for 15 minutes, and then walking to the pool. Yesterday I ate once - twice if you count the stale, out-dated peach-o's I ate while on break - because it was so freaking hot that I just lie in my bed and stared at the fan that is blowing cooler air at me. Note, not cold or even cool air, it's just less hot than the air around me.

On a completely unrelated note, a week ago Aaryn & I drove to Pittsburgh to go to the airport, and on the way back we stopped at a McDonald's to get iced coffees. I went to the register and said, "Hi. Could I have a small vanilla iced coffee and a small hazlenut iced coffee?" She starts pressing buttons and then looks at me, and says, "We don't have small ones. Only medium and large." I looked back at her, thinking 'She must know what I'm about to say...' but nothing happened so I said, "I want the smaller one. So, medium I guess." And she looked at me for a second again, and went on with her work. (Not to mention, she forgot what flavors I ordered. BTW, did you know, there are only two even if she had given us one of each just trying to cover her shit, she would've been right.)

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to go to and type in "define: medium." Go ahead, I'll wait....Back? If you look through all the other bullshit definitions, you will find:

average: around the middle of a scale of evaluation

Ok, So where I come from, to have a medium, you must have at least 1 smaller and at least 1 larger. So for me to say "Can I have a small iced coffee" when there are only two sizes was completely correct. And McDonald's sucks. That is basically what my point was.

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