Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Dream of Independence

I had a very odd, yet on-topic for the day dream last night. It was Fourth of July and I was at some beach and the fireworks were going to start soon, but I needed to buy something. So my cousin Stacey, my dad and I were in line all buying stuff and the cashier was about the slowest thing since cold molasses. So Stacey goes first and the lady asks if she wants to enter a drawing to win money and she says "sure" and fills out the form and then I try to fill out the form, but it's like...ridiculous questions: How many ounces was your purchase today? Why did you purchase what you did? and other strange as shit questions. And I was like "I'm just rebuying my wallet..." So my dad starts to pay while we I am filling out my ticket to win $63,200 and I hear a firework go off. So I just write smiley faces for all the questions I didn't answer and start running with Stacey to the inlet where you can see the fireworks best.

As we're running, Betty White walks by and I try to ask if I can take our picture together, but Stacey won't let me stop. So we get to the inlet, and the finale has just ended and we're both kind of upset. So then we hear some crackling behind us and the entire beach turns to see some smoke and stuff and we get excited until the entire building (about a mile away) just explodes into a mushroom cloud. We all see flames and sparks and smoke pouring out and spreading across the sky so everyone starts running. An announcement (from like the lifeguard station) comes on and it says, "Everyone, this is not a firework or a drill. Please start running as fast as you can away from the explosion. Watch for falling pickles."

Even dream me is like "Wait, pickles? We are running from flaming pickles? What the hell?" But we run to the top of a hill, and naturally, I start taking pictures of the flames and pickles and stuff.

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