Monday, June 28, 2010


I didn't know I could be annoyed to the point of telling someone how I feel. Turns out, I can be.

Also, am thinking about my next tattoo - cause I gots a job and all and can maybe afford that in the near future - and came up with a new one, and then one I have wanted for about 3 (maybe 4) years.

We will start with the one I have wanted for years:
When I found it, it was through a google search for Egyptian symbols for love & happiness, but this is what came up when I re-found it tonight. I honestly just like it because of its simplicity, but I would prefer something more Egyptian, since that is my favorite form of art. However, I still really love it.
The lotus symbol (or its petals) is both a symbol of purity and variety, every lotus petal representing a distinct aspect. The inclusion of a lotus in a YANTRA represents freedom from multiple interference with the exterior (purity) and expresses the absolute force of the Supreme Self.

The second one, that I found while searching for the above image is:
Again, simplistic in design is it's main appeal. But I don't think people should get tattoos just because they like some picture or something. I feel like they should be meaningful. And I have a thing about strength (you know, my extreme lack of...).
Tabono - the 'paddles'. Ancient African Symbol- Symbol represents strength and perseverence.

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