Friday, June 04, 2010

My Current State: Exhausted

I am planning something "holy shit" for my 500th post which will be three posts after this one. I however reserve the right to fuck up and make it the 501st post as I did when I hit 400.

I have been neglecting my Google Reader, so if you are having a lack of visits or whatever, I apologize. They gave me more hours this week and I have been working like a madwoman.

I didn't realize that I could be so tired from standing all day.

I think there is like, a tornado outside my window right now. The thunder is pretty ridiculous right now. The power keeps flickering so who knows what will happen. And it just changed to a tornado warning.

Oh my God, I am suffering from a ridic amount of physical exhaustion. And the fun doesn't even stop until Sunday. And by fun, I mean I plan on getting completely shit-faced tomorrow night after my shift. But really, my heels are in so much pain, it doesn't even subside after getting off my feet. Because the second I get up to pee or get a drink the pain shoots up through my body. And the second I get back to work my feet are like "Um, no bitch. No." Also, I don't know if it's partially the heat wave that just flowed through here or what, but...I always want to be asleep. Not even depressed "Oh I need to be asleep so my life doesn't suck," anymore. It is straight up "Oh my god I am so tired." Sleeping for 7, 8, 9 hours does nothing. I just wake up the next morning completely exhausted.

And this coupled with the idea of quitting and getting a job that gives more hours so I can pay off my student loans/credit card debt just makes me want to cry. Or even keeping this job, because I really don't hate it...and getting a second one. A lot of the people who work there have two jobs, and thought it was odd that I only had one. Well sheesh it took me 10 months to get the one; and I feel bad taking a job from someone else, but I need it. Just for a little while. I need to be able to live on my own. And you can't do that with my kind of pay. How physically exhausted would I be working 40 or 50 hours a week if 15-25 is killing me? How often would I see anyone if I was working two jobs when I barely see people now? How crazy am I, lol? Really though.

My feet think that having one job is too much, so if I get a second it better be one where I can sit and work. And preferably one where I do not have to answer phones.

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