Friday, June 25, 2010

Long; Dream Me is Insane

1. I woke up to a panic attack. Like, I woke up, had 2 thoughts at the most, and one set me off into a crying fit. I don't even know what it was. I just know that I woke up and knew that I was going to be alone for the rest of my life and that I would never be happy and that some sort of natural disaster was going to destroy everything/everyone that I had. And then I fell asleep again.

2. I had a dream last night that I worked for the Copy/Print Center instead of being a cashier (and I only knew this cause I was wearing the blue shirt instead of my red shirt). And at 10 am, Anna (from German) came up and was like "Go on lunch now and come to Arby's." So I just walked away from my register and decided to go to Arby's with her and Melissa, and like 3 other people. Well, we get Arby's and we go somewhere else, and I see that time is starting to get closer to 10:15 (let's not get crazy...I don't get lunch breaks; I only get 1 15 minute break most days) so I say we need to get me back to work so my boss doesn't fire me. But then Anna disappears and it's just me, Melissa, & Maddi. And we get on a bus to get us back to quote "THE STAPLES NEAR CAMPUS DAMMIT!!" But I realize I'm not wearing my black shoes anymore. So I have to run back into the theater to get them off Robbie's corpse (WTF? amirite?) and I miss the bus that is leaving first. By now it is 10:31, and I figure I've been fired, so I no longer rush to get back. But here's where things get unrealistic (lolz, sorry, jokes aren't my thing today).

The cast changes to me, Mandy and two guys on the street because we got off the slow bus and decided to run to the Staples. (Actually, I think one of the guys is the fat guy from Lost? I dunno, I watched the Pilot episode last night...) So, we are running down the street and I have a glass bottle in my hand, look at it, say "DEAD WEIGHT" and throw it at some store. And this makes me run faster. And we get to a giant dead tree with money strewn throughout the branches. Mandy takes a flashlight, counts some paces and shines it up at a $5 bill. She says something about how it must be the right one that can get us back to Staples, and plucks it out of the tree. Unfortunately it is the wrong one, and a Miley Cyrus corpse face is on it instead of a President, and she says, "Great. Now I will have bad luck." And a $250 bill floats past me and I snatch it out of the air, notice the same MC face and freak out. Then, this whispy voice says, "They can see all of you." And we don't know what they are talking about and all of a sudden, little white things surround us and start taking off our clothes. And then Mandy started moaning and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she thought one of the ghost things was "eating her out or something." And then it started happening to me, only I wasn't moaning from pleasure...It felt like fingernails were scraping the inside of me while my muscles all spasmed at the same time.

I don't know what happened, but we finally get back to Staples, despite all the pain and and nakedness which disappears the moment we get there. And I tell my boss that I quit.

3. My other dream, was that I was in Staples and it was closing time, but whomever had been in the front at the time (I was cleaning the bathroom) forgot to lock the door so people kept filtering in and EVERY SINGLE PERSON tried to buy a packet of Avery Labels. But then there were more and more people coming in all at once and they all just sat in a circle and started drinking beer. I noticed that one of them was K, but didn't want to acknowledge that I knew one of the people who was just sitting in Staples after close. My boss ushered them out and I found him in the parking lot (which was similar to a county fair parking need to take notes on where you parked to find your car) but he was too drunk to drive, so I told him I would take him home. And his buddies were all teasing him because he had to have a girl take him home and whatever and he told them to fuck off. And we get in his truck (why not my car? no clue) and I start to back out and he tells me that he's sorry he's so drunk. And we never make it home, but we just sit in his truck. He told me that he really wants to have sex, but he's too drunk probably, and I told him that we couldn't anyway. He seemed really sad, and I was like "Well, I'm, you know...on my thing." And he was like "Oh...I don't care."

4. There was going to be more meat to this post, but then I remembered the dream about K. Ooops, just wrote out his name and realized that I can't do that. Not quite yet.

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Maddi said...

I'm offended that you left me on the bus.