Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 500th Post!

It was almost exactly six years ago that I started my blog. And so I thought I'd do a little self-comparison using a MySpace quiz maker.

*** 2004 - The Beginning ***
1. Date - June 1, 2004
2. Age - 18
3. Relationship Status - single
4. Residence - NW PA
5. Best Friend(s) - Aaryn, Melissa, Brittney
6. Education Status - Graduating High School; Starting Gannon University
7. Job - none
8. Favorite TV Show - SNL reruns (2000-2004) and then Gilmore Girls
9. Favorite Band/Song - According to the blog: Jay-Z, song unknown...probably something by Fiona Apple
10. Favorite Book - The Dogs of Babel
11. Favorite Movie - Big Fish
12. Favorite Food - cheese
13. Piercings/Tattoos - 2 (ears)/0
14. Virginity Status - in-tact
15. Three Words I Use to Describe Me - unhappy, immature, spiteful

*** 2010 - The Now ***
16. Date - June 9, 2010
17. Age - 24
18. Relationship Status - It's so complicated, it's not even funny. But single.
19. Residence - NW PA
20. Best Friend(s) - Mandy, Aaryn, Melissa, Christopher, Sigma Frye, K
21. Education Status - B.A. in Biology & Psychology from Knox College
22. Job - Sales Associate for Staples
23. Favorite TV Show - The Golden Girls, Reba & basically anything on Bravo (when I have cable)
24. Favorite Band/Song - Reba, Martina McBride & Snoop Dogg/Savior by Rise Against
25. Favorite Book - The Bell Jar
26. Favorite Movie - Jurassic Park & Pan's Labyrinth
27. Favorite Food - Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell
28. Piercings/Tattoos - 4 ears, 1 nose/1 on each ankle
29. Virginity Status - gone
30. Three Words I Use to Describe Me - stuck, outgoing, discontent

I don't really know if there is anything else exciting that I could do in celebration. I noticed that back in 2004 I was really focused on how much I hated Gannon and how much my mind didn't want to accept that it needed to change and move away from this area of the world. And these days my blog is about relationships and how I don't know how to deal with them.

It's kinda fun to see how I've changed. I found a journal that had entries from 2001 and it was exciting? to see that I was much worse then. Exciting because I realize I am better than I was when I would cry myself to sleep every night, wondering what I had done to deserve the hand that life had dealt to me. Now I just wonder what I can do to play the cards I was dealt without folding.

I dunno. Maybe something more exciting will happen in the near future that I can write about that will make me feel less stuck and discontent. Sigh.

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