Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work Update!

My bosses spent countless minutes of down time telling me how good I am at cleaning bathrooms (especially mopping) and straightening shelves/fronting paper. It was strange, cause like, I'm sorry, but if you tell me to clean a bathroom, I can't bring myself to half-ass it. And streaky mirrors drive me nuts, so I have to fix that. Also, all I did was bring some paper from behind the shelves and put it in front of the shelf. I know, just take the compliment, but I didn't do anything spectacular...Perhaps Associate of the Month is in my near future!? I vote yes. AotM: Stef: for cleaning bathrooms like no other & selling a shit load of pens.

Speaking of work, I got a paper cut today. And not like one of those tiny ass ones from some standard letter paper that hurt like a bitch. This was heavy duty paper, only slightly less thick than cardboard. And it hurt like a bitch...and bled like one too. I honestly don't think I have ever gotten a paper cut that hurt this badly. And to make matters worse, it goes all the way across the most extreme section of my finger. That's right, the whole tip...about a half-inch long, wrapped in a napkin because I was the only person up front and couldn't leave my register to get a band aid. And yet, the price tags are all up and look splendid, thank you very much.

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