Sunday, May 09, 2010

Love, Broken Asses, & Puppies

And say hello to one of the cutest pictures on the planet.

I was sitting in one of those plastic lawn chairs today, when it just broke and I fell to the ground. Seriously, out of nowhere. And on the way down to the concrete garage floor...the leg stabbed me in the upper thigh (read: ass) and now there is a giant bruise. Like I told Maddi, I have never been spanked, but I assume that this feels like that. It hurts to sit. Only I assume a spanking would just be slightly uncomfortable, whereas this straight up feels like my muscle will atrophy at any moment.

So, I was told that K told a third party that he really likes me but is afraid that he would stand in my way of finding someone better and that I wouldn't be able to enjoy life if I "settled" for him. I wish he had told me, because I do not consider myself "settling" for someone who has said he would do anything he could for me. I am an adult and if I want to choose him, then I will choose him. Plus, he said that he liked the way I look. And g'damn if that doesn't make my head floaty...because I don't like the way I look.

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