Tuesday, May 04, 2010

And...Off To Work Again

Right now my living quarters resemble tornadic aftermath. I try to get a little bit cleaned each day, but sometimes something comes up. Like going to the Salvation Army with Melissa. And then some days I think "Ok, gonna take care of this pile today," but then I look at it, get hopeless and go back to playing some Big Kahuna Reef. On any given day, I probably play that game for at least 3 hours. (I would like to note that I just went and played 3 levels before I went to the next section of this entry.)

So I was having one of those conversations that I have with no one last night. And it started out like this: "So, I have a really serious question to ask you, and would prefer if you kept it between us. Do I seem happy to you?" I mean, this is something I legitimately want to know. If I seem happy when I'm around people. Because I'm usually not, but I try to look it. And I feel comfortable asking this person if that is the case, because really, I don't see why he would lie. Annnnnnd I'm gonna have to try harder if there are people who can tell when I'm hanging out on Sundays. Even though those are the people who would try to help. Because they are not shitty like my family. But the conversation ended with me crying, worried that they do know and that they're worried that I'll do something crazy. Even though I won't.

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