Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Adulthood

That makes it sound like I hit puberty last night or something...

Anywho. So it begins. Money. Will. Be. Mine. And I can actually pay a bill or afford pants or something. To decode: I now work at Ye Olde Staples. And I have to say. I LOVE STAPLES. I am in no way trying to avoid a 2birds1blog scandal by sucking up. I love love LOVE office supplies. Guess what's in my desk drawer. I'll wait.

The answer is: three boxes of paper clips, seven different stacks of post-its, 15 sharpies, 24 binder clips, 3 rolls of tape, 3 pairs of scissors, a three hole punch, a stapler and ironically ZERO staples.

Now guess how many of these things I actually use. The answer is: almost none. I have on sharpie that I use to cross off days on my calendar, which is usually about a week behind. And I have 1 post-it that just gets a number crossed off every day with a time to harvest my Farmville stuff. Judge, I care not.

Back to my new life as an adult. Yes, I have to wear a name tag that was made with a label maker, but what job haven't I had where that applied? And sweartoGod real question I just asked my cousin: Should I shower before work?
I have two reasons that I ask this. 1. My last job (at Knox) was with animals and when not with animals it was at 8 am. No, I did not shower before attending lab thank you. 2. I'm not dirty. Like, the most strenuous thing I've done lately that would cause sweat is walk to the toilet.

I guess I have to sleep at night now. And not 6am - 3 pm. That kind of messes with things. Since it has taken me like an hour to write this, I have to stop and get ready. YAY JOB. It only took 10 months! Win?

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