Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ursus americanus be dead!

Ok, so I may have prompted myself to have this dream with all the talk of bears in my last blog entry. However, when you have an all star cast featuring Celia & Doug from Weeds...

So the dream really isn't all that spectac, so I'll just sum it up. I'm at a camp ground that has two sections, one a regular cabiny area, the other is a canyonesque thing which is more rustic. Whomever I was with was like "Um, yeah let's go to the canyon section!" So we packed up the car and Celia drove it to the canyon while I decided to walk. I was on my way up this small hill when I saw some little puppies. Which upon further inspection turn out to be five bear cubs. So I haul my ass back down the hill and into the cabin. Where there are like twenty other people wondering how they will get to the canyon. Apparently the people in the canyon car with Celia are Heather (my psych prof), Molly & Maddi. So I call Heather and she yells at me for not being in the canyon and when I tell her to come back she's like "You are the ones who wanted to be over here. You get over here!" And hangs up on me. I'm shaking like Michael J. Fox and thus can not text (too soon?) coherent messages to Maddi or Molly. But I finally talk to one of them and I just say "BEARS."

"Well, why don't you guys just drive over here...they won't get in the car."

uh, duh? So Doug is like "I'll distract them!" So he's playing in the street trying to get the bear to attack him while the rest of us start to drive to the canyon. But when we've finally got it all settled, Celia and the rest come back. The end.

So, here's the thing. There wasn't just like a bunch of tiny little bear cubs flipping me out. Shit son, I would pet them. I would kidnap their asses and raise them as my own flesh & blood. Welcome to Easter dinner my little ones! But my dream self had a brain this time, and was like "Cubs = mom...and bears only ever have like 2 babies. Never 5. There are at least two bear moms who will eat me." I saw one, but assumed that BearMomsub2 was chillin on the other end of the little thicket they were in and they would wrangle me into their death trap together.

COME ON PEOPLE! The grizzly bear's scientific name is Ursus arctos horribilis. It's got the horrible right in it...


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