Friday, April 16, 2010

This Turned Into Why I Hate Purell

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas/birthdays?! Staples gift cards!

Things I am excited about and will most likely post pictures of:
Third Eye Blind...if I can still go (love you job, but really, don't mess this up for me, kthnx)
I get my own locker at work.
The hand sanitizer I was given earlier tonight.**
I get to buy a planner so I know when to work. I haven't had one in a year!

Tomorrow I'm going to paint my grandma's living room and then hopefully get the virus removed from my computer.

I am honestly thinking of what I could keep in my locker. Clearly, the hand sanitizer and probably some Cheetos.

My boss is hilarious.

**Yeah, so I have this thing against hand sanitizer. And this is for two main reasons.
1. I HATE the smell of Purell. There was a squirter in Knox's cafeteria and I could smell when people had used it and it made me physically ill. I did not want it touching me or being near me. And this is straight-up hatred for Purell. I don't really know what other ones smell like, but if its anything like Purell, no thanks.
2. I learned that hand sanitizer can actually make you sick because it kills off good bacteria as well as the bad. Ok, over-thinking this one just a little. If someone sneezes on me, I will probably use the shit or go wash my hands. But just using a phone after someone doesn't really faze me.

But I am excited for this one because it does not smell like Purell, it smells a little like heaven. And it's called a Pocket Bac. POCKETBAC? That is so clever. It has specks of blue things in it! I love blue specks. It's conveniently transported in my bag! It's deep cleansing! But mostly I love that it doesn't smell like Purell. And more importantly it doesn't look like Purell. Cause I really hate the creepy runny yet thick texture of Purell.

And I'll be damned if my hands aren't scented like Japanese Cherry Blossom and sanitized in that picture.

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Tasha said...

I really love how happy and excited this post is about hand-santizer, even though I hate hand-sanitizer too.

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