Friday, April 30, 2010

Das Boredom

So, remember that time I was completely psyched about working in Staples? That would also be the time I forgot that this in Meadville. Because my new game is to count how many customers I have in any given hour. The answer is 12. Yes, last night I literally took a tally, sometimes while they were standing there, of how many people either bought something or returned something. And it averaged to 12/hr. Because I had 60. In 5 hours...Do you know how many people that isn't?

Sometimes I think that the measly paycheck isn't worth it. However, this last one was double the first one, so it's not like I'm gonna quit. God no, I would never quit unless something amazing happened. The list follows:

I inherit a zoo.
I'm offered a job caring for giraffes in a zoo.
I win Powerball.
K asks me to move in with him and says I never have to work.
Did I mention working in a zoo?

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