Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Rant About My Family

So, it's my Grandma's 80th Birthday this year. And apparently a few members of the family got together and decided to throw a big party and whatnot. Well, we get the email that Aunt1 has contacted the church we'd have it in and there is one available day so she booked it...just in case. And then this is a reply for Aunt2 (who really should just be codenamed another four letter word ending in "unt"): Sorry. Stacey and I can't be there that day. It's Becky baby shower.

Really. Really? "Sorr guys! Can't make it to mom's 80th birthday! Someone not related to us is having a baby!" This pisses me off because Aunt2 & S are the one's who were THERE MAKING THE PLANS FOR HER BIRTHDAY. And, oh well, its just 80. I'm sure there will be more.

On a sort of different note but still related to Cu...I mean Aunt2.
We. Were going to go to a movie. And by were, I mean that they planned this. Around April 9th. And then this Aunt2 said this "Oh, T has volleyball practice on Wednesday. So if he can find a ride, I can go." PAUSE. Because I need to explain something about this family. Aunt2 is married. To a competent driver. I'm pretty sure Aunt2 knows about 50 people who could drive him home from a volleyball practice. Hell, the boy could walk. It's really not that far. Or shit, give him some keys. He's 15, he'll figure it out. UNPAUSE. So then cousin was like "K has a make up baseball game tonight, so unless it rains...I can't go."

AND THEN. AT 9:44 PM. Aunt1 asked if we should reschedule.

This was after I canceled my plans to be with K. On the one day that he doesn't pull at 12 hour shift. THE ONE DAY. And it is currently 2 hours prior to having to be at the theater...and I have no idea if anyone is actually going to the movie. I have no idea if anyone knows if anyone is going to the movie.

**EDIT: I should point out. That the original was posted at 4:25. At 4:30 I received a call from Stacey asking if I was still going to see the movie tonight. Well paint me blue and slap me til I laugh...someone actually took control of a situation. Kudos Stacey. Kudos.

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