Thursday, April 01, 2010

Am I The Only One?

Who has ever woken up still groggy but needs to pee really you just kinda stumble into the bathroom and sit down to find that your ass is now freezing cause you never opened the toilet?

Who has legitimately burnt four different body parts with boiling oil in the course of making one meal of pierogies? Here, I'll list them: Arm, finger, face, breast. And yes, I was wearing a shirt.

Who thinks that talking on the phone while peeing is completely legit?

Who thinks it's weird that 2/3 of the last ones were about peeing? (And that I actually had a tag "pee" before this post?)

Anyway, there is a legit "my life is so terrible that I have a blog about how terrible it is" post coming soon. But APPARENTLY some people (read: aaryn & amanda) have issues with my editing skills, so I'll have to actually edit it. All because in my list of things on my mind recently I put murder at #4 instead of #1.

*My apologies if that is some sort of copyright issue with Melissa Peterman's stand up...It's a legit question.

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