Saturday, March 27, 2010


Once upon a time Mandy asked Stef if she wanted to go to Pittsburgh to see a mutual friend. Stef debated over this for the next twelve hours. She didn't really have money to spend, and due to recent events was afraid that she was too depressed to have any fun. However, she packed some stuff into a bag, grabbed some blankets from her mother's house and drove into town to meet up with Mandy.

Now, Stef thought they were going to leave at four, but it turns out Mandy's boss wanted to show her youtube videos and talk lengths about Mandy's future careers. That's fine, because everyone needs a job, but Stef was getting tired and was rethinking the entire trip. Not because of Mandy, but because she was falling asleep playing Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. Around six p.m. they headed to Wendy's to pick up some dinner. While in Wendy's the sixteen year old trainee took about twenty minutes to take their orders. So at six thirty, they pulled out of the parking lot and headed south to Pittsburgh.

Mandy informed Stef that they were going to stop by Slippery Rock and pick up Kelly, who was going to surprise Christopher with her visit. Everything was going well; they found Slippery Rock and the dorm. Kelly got in the car and they headed back onto the interstate. After a few miles and annoying directions from the British GPS guy, a warning popped up on the dashboard that said "power steering." They finally found an exit that looked half-decent (ie: no murderers) and pulled into a gas station.

At said gas station, they intended to buy some fluid and just pour it in and be on their merry way. However, Mandy had purchased an electronic engine car, leaving them with no place to pour any fluid. They sat in the car talking to various mechanics and waiting for someone to drive the hour and a half to Zelienople to pick them up. One mechanic suggested they just turn the car back on and that worked long enough to get them back onto the interstate. Only this time they were going north.

While they toyed with the idea of dropping Kelly off in Slippery Rock and getting picked up there, Kelly got ahold of a friend to stay with and they ended up just driving until the need to urinate got the better of them. They found a "quaint" little rest area fifteen minutes from their exit and sat waiting for Erin to come pick them up/fix the car. They sat in the rest area for nearly two hours before Erin came to get them because Erin messed up in getting there and drove in the opposite direction for awhile.

They finally got someone to drive the car back home and the three of them went hungry and tired to Wendy's in Stef's car. The end.

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