Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's Ready...

For another checklist of fun things Stef has done? YOU ARE!

Find swimsuit for summer o' fun two - check!
Purchase waterproof camera for pictures IN the Atlantic Ocean - check!
Matching flip flops for swimsuit - check!
Help mother get passport for Germany - check!
Eat Chinese food two days in a row - check!
Find something to do on a Friday night - check!
Slam finger in car door - check!
Spend Friday night holding beer cans to my swollen finger trying not to cry out in pain while playing with an adorable Husky puppy - check!
Learn the chug-crush-punch method of disposing of beer cans - check!
Learn that punching a beer can with a potentially broken finger is a stupid idea - check!

I promise these will not be the only thing I blog about from now on.
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