Friday, March 05, 2010


This story is angering. Just a warning. I'm sorry that I've been rambling on about things that have happened in the last two days. lol. This probably doesn't even need to be read by you.

So, I'm sure you hear this everyday, but I forgot to talk about Racist McBigot that rode down here with us. Ok, whatever, if you're racist, then be racist, but have some tact. It's the same with religion and politics...Don't talk about your beliefs like they are the right ones and I won't show you why you're wrong. (I kid, I just probably don't agree with you if it's being brought up...if you don't approve of abortions and gay marriages, don't get them.)

However, abortions & gay marriages are things you can avoid pretty easily and without much effort. Then there are the blacks, which, since they are people, happen to be everywhere. Regardless of how much you dislike them for whatever archaic reason. (No, I refuse to say African Americans, because believe it or not, just because HUNDREDS of years ago someone in your blood line came from Africa, it does not mean you are AfAm. Just like I know someone who is legit from Africa who is white. So get off your high horse if you have a problem with what I call races. On that note, I am not Caucasian. I did not come from Caucus. I am German and I am white. Thank you.)

Completely off topic, I am completely wired off Pepsi Max cause they came out with a new flavor and I just had to try it. I will be woken up in like 3-4 hours by Toddler so I can go walk for hours and then probably fall asleep before dinner. So if I'm incoherent, it's that. My apologies. I'm also spacing out into Planet Earth every couple seconds.

So anyway, I'm going to back up to about 4 years ago when I was interning at the Refuge. Kymi started a few days after me. We were the only people under 40 there and thus decided to start hanging out and shit. We both started in May, and sometime in July or so, she told me that people in Meadville were making comments about her being Asian. I remember this moment. Mostly because, yes I knew she was Asian, but I didn't think about her as Asian. I thought of her as Kymi. I didn't really notice, I guess. Like, it's one of those moments where you're like "Hmm, she's Asian. I wonder if she likes rap." Or even "Oh, a brunette. What's up? Let's go hang out." You know? Maybe you don't. I can't really express how awkward I felt that someone would actually be like "Um, you're totally different than me cause you're Asian!"

Regardless, Racist McBigot. Ok. So, I honestly have no idea why we were talking about this. But, she was telling a story about Florida and she was there so long ago that the bathrooms were segregated. (Now, a normal person would just stop and move on to some other Florida story or bathroom story or whatever in God's name we were discussing...R McB is not normal) "Yeah, you know that D.P. was raised by the coloreds." long pause "He still turned out allright."

TIME OUT. Are you serious? First off, coloreds? Second, did you really just imply that black people can't raise children? TIME IN. This turned to several comments about this DP's lips black and they are not the right color. AND THEN, I swear to you, she went down a list of people who "probably got some colored in their blood" cause they have tan skin. I...I dunno. I just don't understand how someone is like "Yeah, that person is not as bleach white as me...must be a colored slept with her relatives." Nothing to do with melanin or...DNA or anything logical. Later on, my aunt (if you know me, you know my hair is curlier than curly aunt shares this gene, only worse) got out to pump gas and when she got back in, there were comments made about her "colored folk" hair. I wanted to get out of the car. Oh, she also told some story about how they went to a rest stop and there were black people there so they got back in their car and drove til they found "a white rest stop" and "you just never know what you'll find when they don't warn you."

It hurts me that I'm not making these quotes up. Her husband, RIP...I have one memory of him. It's a fucking doozy of a tale. Aesop would have fun drawing it. I swear to you, I am in no way making this up. It was at at picnic and, although I was probably 8, I seriously looked at him and walked away. I have remembered this story for so long for no reason other than thinking about how angry I was by it. (I might also add there weren't any non-whites at my first school, so I have no idea why I was so affected by it.)

"So, this *expletive* steps into the street aways up. So I stepped on the gas and swerved trying to hit him." PS: expletive is something I refuse to ever say, because I find it the most offensive word possible. not even joking.

Um. Why do people like you exist? Sometimes, I honestly don't understand how people think. It angers me that people think this way. And I'm pretty open minded about people's beliefs. Unless you start acting all whack. Racist McBigot, I do not look forward to another 8 hour car ride with you. Unless you don't speak.

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Tasha said...

Actually, a lot of articles I've read use the word black instead of African American. I think people are starting to revolt against the term African American because it's only pseudo respectful like Native American.