Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Couple Things

1. It surprises me when my family asks me why I haven't done things that I didn't know I was supposed to do. Well, actually, it shouldn't surprise me...because this happens all the time. The most recent was a facebook message from my aunt asking me what was going on with the Easter egg hunt since she hadn't heard a date from me...Um, what now? I didn't know that I was in charge of gathering the family. I don't even have kids. I offered because I knew she was really busy with work and stuff. I could care less if they get candy or not.

I also like when they ask me to take grandma to her doctor's appointments because "What else could you possibly have to do?" There are two things wrong with this. 1. Maybe I'm looking for a job...It's not like I can just afford the gas to drive her all over northwest PA. Or maybe I'm actually working at the garden and can't pull myself away from the poor little strawberries that need my love. 2. She is completely capable of driving herself.

2. I'm still pissed at Knox for making their campus so unsafe that I have a broken kneecap. Like, really. I would like to walk down the street or ride my bike without having to come home and drown it in pain relieving cream.

3. I think I'm a smoker now? I dunno. I just smoked a cigarette. My third of the week. Oh well. Maybe people (read: family) should stop stressing me out.

4. Apparently my mom's neighbor and his dog were murdered last night or sometime yesterday...

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