Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, I was doing a lab for school and the protocol was to collect as many of the things on the list as possible before lab was over. The things on the list: snakes & spiders. And not just like "collect this daddylonglegs" but like "find one python" and "find this brown recluse." When I suggested to my professor that this could be dangerous he said, "Well, we took the venom sacs out." OH OK. We were given a bunch of plastic bags and one of these:

So anyway, when we caught them, we were supposed to put them in a box, cover the opening with a sheet of paper to keep them in (seriously?) and then stack the boxes in our allotted space. So, my partner and I catch about seven things and our boxes are stacked up against the wall, but the top one is quite heavy. My partner, Freddie (I seriously know 1 person named Fred and we have interacted maybe twice in my life), goes running off to get the next thing on the list. I'm standing there while the boxes start to fall forward. Thus, I am standing there holding boxes of snakes and spiders up so they don't spill. Cause there would be nothing worse in this world than being covered in snakes and spiders. Trust me. Nothing.

I'm just yelling for help and Freddie (this is ridic on its own - me yelling the name Freddie over and over) while no one comes. And then I have to change position. And I kick something on the floor. And wouldn't you fucking know, one of the snakes has gotten out of its box and is sleeping in a bed sheet. It lifts its head out, does that snake head bob and flicks its tongue at me a couple times. Before sinking its teeth into my shin.

Then I woke up cause my body knows not to stay asleep to see what happens.

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Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.