Friday, February 26, 2010

Things On My Mind

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1. I say this a lot. But I am sincerely disappointed that I went to college. Socially, it was the best thing for me. I mean, I'd be dead right now had I not met most of the people I did. However, financially it was the worst decision ever. I honestly do not understand the, "Oh. You went to college?" response when applying for jobs. I thought this was a good thing. Apparently I was wrong. The thing to do today is get a job right out of high school. Because then they don't assume you will just up and leave for a better job. Newsflash: If I am applying to be your dishwasher, there is clearly nothing better for me. I owe so much money that I can't pay back because my degrees have rendered me useless in today's society. Then there is the other end of the spectrum: Get a master's. Well, I never had the plan to go to Grad school. Mainly because I can't afford it, but also because, well, I don't want to. Especially not now that a B.A. is pointless. I can't imagine the responses I'll get when I have a M.S.

2. My dad's uncle died recently. No one from around here seemed sad or went to a funeral. I think I had only met him twice. But that doesn't make it any less sad. I hate when people do that - make it seem like just because we weren't best friends or super close that it isn't that big of a deal. When I got news that someone I knew from back home was murdered found dead, I was affected by it. I was affected because even though we weren't biffles who shared deepest secrets, I knew his family, I enjoyed his company...It doesn't matter than we weren't close, it still hurts to hear.

3. Tragedy. Irina winning Project Runway tragic. Kevin losing Top Chef tragic. Tyra Banks in general tragic. Losing your virginity to a cousin because you didn't know you were related tragic.
My favorite blogger, Meg McBlogger of 2birds1blog, has been fired. I will never know what became of Boss #1's vaginal issues. I am saddened that Russel THCW has left to become a deacon instead of coming out of the closet. But mostly, I am sad that she will be living a life compared to mine. A college graduate looking for a job like a lost lamb looking for its mother. Sigh. But! This gives her the opportunity to get a new job and we can be introduced to a bunch of new characters. (Assuming they don't sue her for freedom of speech defamation as they threatened.)

4. I'm probably going to piss someone off soon. But I can't bring myself to care. I mean, I'm sad that it had to come to what it's going to come to, apologies.

5. I miss Knox. I miss the convenience of food, the people (well, most of them), and I guess that's it. I don't miss the whiny politics of campus. I don't miss the people saying that the Greek system is the reason that people get raped. I don't miss people judging the Greek system based off nothing. I used to, but that was because I didn't understand it fully. Now that I do, I lose respect for people who are assholes about it.
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