Friday, February 12, 2010

Ten Things

Tasha tagged me to do a blog about ten things that make me happy. This was HOURS ago, and I don't know that I can think of ten things, lol. Which makes me sound like a depressed lump of life. And well, that's what I am.

1. Crocheting (and really crafting in general)
It's kind of sad how excited I get over yarn. Finding free patterns online is so thrilling. I love seeing the little animals and creatures that I make finally coming together. Also, I love the look of a magnet I just finished or a collage that gets it's final picture down. Sewing the final hem on something. Ah. It's just great.

2. Baking
I'm not very good at it yet, but it has the same effect as crocheting. I get a nice finished product, and I get to share it with other people. It's one of the easiest things to get compliments on. And as much as compliments make me uncomfortable, I still love them.

3. Sitting in Perkins
This sounds lame. But really, I can order a cherry coke (because I recently decided that diet coke is gross) and sit there talking with whomever is there for hours. It gets me away from the internet and allows me to have a legit conversation. I don't need to order food or anything, and our usual waitress, Dani, is pretty awesome.

4. Music
Everything about it. Acquiring a new song. And cliche-ly, listening to a song that has meaning. I could just lie in bed and listen to music all day. I would need nothing else. Well, food, know. And, more specifically, Snoop Dogg.

5. Receiving an email from someone unexpectedly
This mostly applies to professors and people I have not seen in awhile. It makes me happy to know that someone was thinking about me.

6. German things
More specifically: German Club at Knox, Heidi Klum, the food, the scenery, my relatives, the beer, being there

7. Being the right temperature
We have not had a heater since December. This is an issue for me. As I hate being cold. We also don't have windows that open, thus, in summer it is extremely hot in my house. But mostly I hate being cold.

8. Sharpies
Ridiculous and senseless. However, I really like looking at the pretty colors. And using them. It really just doesn't make sense, so I'm going to just stop trying to explain.

9. Board games
No explanation needed.

10. Sigma Frye
A sofernity that was born out of drunkenness. A group of (mostly) females who share a love of alcohol, hip-hop, partying, alcohol, and lesbians. Breakfasts at McDonald's. Punch pong. Award ceremonies. Alcohol. Craft parties. The best friends someone could have.

So, I'm supposed to tag 10 more blogs. But I don't think I even read 10 more blogs. So...I guess this chain ends with me. :/ Sorry.

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