Thursday, February 18, 2010

So what if it huuuuuuuurts me?

I have this problem. And this is probably angering me more after having read this blog: 2birds1blog. Read it and love it. I have spare stickers that she sent me so you can pimp it out. But my problem is with people who call, let the phone ring to answering machine, listen to the entire 'leave me a message' spiel and then hang up. Mostly I am angry about it, because it just happened 4 times, with literally no pause in between.

And when you hear the phone ring 20 times within four minutes, you will want to stab things.

SERIOUSLY? You took the time to dial, listen to it ring four times, listened to the message, heard it beep, waited ten seconds and then HUNGTHEFUCKUP.

I don't answer the phone because it's my dad's business number as well as our home phone. And generally between the hours of 7 am (I shit you not) and 6 pm, the phone will not be for me. It is some guy who will tell me his life story if I answer. Thus, I ignore the phone...not to mention I usually wake up sometime between 2 & 2:30 pm...and actually sleep through the phone ringing like mad.

On a completely unrelated note - related only by "OMG I want to kill":
I really hate Lifetime movie commercials. I swear to Jesus, if I hear this damn "Sins of the Mother" theme song ONE MORE TIME. Well, I don't know what...but gawd, it is annoying. And it wouldn't be as bad if it didn't occur at every goddamn commercial break. Which is roughly every 10 minutes. And when you watch an hour and a half of Project Runway fun, this is enough to drive you insane. This song has played at least once since I started this entry...

That is really all at this point.

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rae333 said...

I think generally the ones that hang up are robo calls. Usually they have them automatically call people until someone picks up and then an actual person responds. You should put the number on the do not call list and they will stop