Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So It's February?

Apparently it became February while I was lying in bed trying not to have my blood boil. I went to the doctor yesterday and thank god my Oma sent me money at Christmas cause it was $105. I almost had a heart attack when she told me that. Then she suggested I go across the street and apply for the Welfare health insurance and then come back, but I know I don't qualify because I'm not pregnant (?), PLUS I was starting to get confused by everything cause my temperature was so high. While I was waiting to get called back, the carpet design looked like it was moving. When I finally went back the nurse said, "With your left hand, put this under your tongue." And I looked at both of my hands, and COULD NOT figure out which one was my left one. She just put it in my hand for me. I kept waiting for them to call Dr. House because I was too confused to do anything.

However, I did get a free prescription. But with the side effects I'm having right now, I would've gladly paid for something better. Blurred vision, dizziness, nausea...on top of that I've had a bowl of soup and a hot dog in two days...and want nothing more than to sleep. Last night I was feeling really hot, so I wasn't under any blankets. And then like an hour later, I woke up freezing and soaked because I had sweated out my fever. Unfortunately I sweated out a little too much cause my temp went from 101 to 96.

Good news: I feel fine today (aside from the side effects) and my temp was a perfect 98.6 when I woke up.

$105? I honestly can not even begin to understand this. Is it cause it's a walk-in clinic? And it's convenient? WHAT THE FUCK?

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